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Social distancing forced the whole world to stay at home. This time is very hard for loads of people. Dancers belong to this group as well. To survive this difficult time, WCStalk came up with an idea that brings all of the dancers to one place. A place that lets them talk, laugh and try to find best ways to make this time a lot better. 
WCStalk is a simple blog and a forum. The goal was to let dancers be on time with news and articles that are strongly connected with dancing industry. But the more important thing was to give a possibility to TALK. 

Logo design

As WCStalk was a new idea that came up during the quarantine, we had to think of creating a unique logo design.

The name of the project was already catchy. It was a combination of a specific dance community, WCS = West Coast Swing, and a simple word ‘talk’.

A blog and a forum, and communication in general nowadays, is mainly focused on writing, so we decided to combine the typography and a small chat bubble.


Web design

First step - wireframing

Before we start designing a website, we need to know what are the bullet points of the project. Without that, it’s highly likely we will not achieve what is expected from the Customer and the User. 
That is why we always have a deep interview with our Clients to get the first idea.

Second step - color matching

Matching colors do not belong to easy cases at all.
When it comes to news, people want aggressive colors so they stand out.
When it comes to blog or forum, people prefer subdued color. But it’s not only about “I prefer, I want”.
There’s something more: color meaning and intelligence to combine them into one.
We took the balance of these two and matched these beautiful red and blue color.
Red color gives you a feeling that it’s something important,
and the blue one doesn’t make the whole site so aggressive.

Third step - prototyping

Yes, here we are! Wireframes – done! Colors – done!
So now, we can start designing a prototype keeping in mind the above arrangements.
We love this part – you can fully see and use the project.
At the same time it’s one of the most time-consuming part –
testing, redesigning, testing, redesigning.. etc.
Some parts might not satisfy at all and we need to jump to previous steps.
But do not worry – we will keep this process for you as simple as we can! 🙂

Fourth step - LIVE!

Everything is working fine. We like it, you like it. We are ready to go live with your website! 
You can finally have a sit,
drink your favorite cup of coffee and relax 🙂
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